Dive head first into cooking with our Gourmand Kit! In this box, you’ll find the necessities to bring a little more oomph to your cooking. Each Culinarie Kit includes ingredients from artisan producers across the United States and a few toys and trinkets to help you around the kitchen. Box contents may vary by season. Enjoy!

Sparrow Lane Artisan Vinegars is based in California, distilling the most delicious acidic concoctions. Vinegar is a staple in many dishes, but Sparrow Lane brings the classics to new heights with each of these duos:
• Dark Balsamic and California Golden Balsamic. Dark is rich and indulgent, perfect for marinades and reductions. Golden is sweet and subtle, ideal for dressings and soups.
• Cabernet Sauvignon and Sherry Vinegar. The cab sav is full bodied and bright with fruity notes, adding extra oomph to any recipe that calls for red wine vinegar. The sherry is rich and a bit sweet, and is well suited for classic dishes in the French and Italian spectrums.
Recipes: Vinaigrettes Made Simple • Balsamic Vanilla Breakfast Salmon & Eggs
Culinarie Spotlight: Read our interview with Sparrow Lane’s head honcho Jesse Layman here!

Smelly’s Brunch seasoning blends are created by Culinarie’s own Executive Chef Ellie. The Infinity Blend is modeled after a classic “everything” bagel with a gourmet touch. The spices, seeds, and aromatics in this blend add complexity to mayonnaise-based salads like coleslaw or tuna and grain dishes like couscous or a rice pilaf. The Pizza Perfect blend is an amped-up version of classic Italian seasoning, featuring a variety of herbs, chiles, and celery salt. Try it on pizza, pasta, or white meats.
Recipes: Breadless Infinity Tuna Melt • Infinity Brussels Sprout Slaw • 3 Flavored Deviled Egg Recipes

Black truffles are rare and only grow in very specific conditions, so they’re quite expensive and hard to come by. Fortunately, their flavor is ridiculously potent–a little goes a long way. This black truffle sea salt adds meaty and earthy flavors to anything it touches. Use it as your secret seasoning weapon in a cream sauce, cheesy casserole, or on steak.

SoLA Deli hails from South Louisiana, where they use local growers and farms to create their unique oils and herb blends. This kit includes Rosemary & Savory or Oregano & Thyme infused olive oil, in which the herbs take over with their pungent aroma. The flavor is more subdued than the scent, so use this olive oil to finish dishes, not to cook them. Add a few drops over fresh hummus, toss with arugula and lemon juice for a refreshing salad, or drizzle over freshly baked bread.

Stubb’s is famous in the barbecue world, having made their name in Austin, Texas. This mesquite or hickory liquid smoke is by far some of the best on the market. Use it in chilis and stews to add a real smokehouse flavor. Enrich meats without firing up the grill. Toss a few drops in a stir fry to really make it sizzle. Any dish that needs a bolder flavor will thank you for keeping this liquid gold on hand.

Two Snooty Chefs is a gourmet spice and seasoning company from Washington. Our very own Chef Ellie discovered their spices in a boutique shop in Culpeper, VA and fell in love with their Oaxaca Molé blend. This Herbs de Poulet blend is chock full of herbs designed for creating fragrant poultry dishes, but it can become so much more. Try it on pasta with a splash of cream and white wine. Use it with flaky white fish to bring an herbaceous aroma without discounting the flavor of the seafood. Stir a pinch into smashed potatoes with butter for a side dish you won’t forget.

Your Gourmand Kit contains at least one kitchen trinket: Chef Soap, which is magic made of stainless steel. Rinse your hands with water and rub this little treasure to rid your skin of lingering smells; Mini Silicone Tongs to expertly handle delicate food without damaging non-stick cookware; or a Professional Vegetable Peeler or Vegetable Brushes to help make your veggie prep more efficient.

Every kitchen needs a flour sack towel or ten. They’re huge, they’re absorbent, and they’ve been used in professional and home kitchens for ages because they’re so versatile. You can use this towel to clean, or use it to cover doughs while it rests. You can even use it as a substitute for cheesecloth in a pinch–it’s great for wringing moisture out of vegetables. Best of all, they’re durable and can be washed by hand or in a machine.

Check back for more recipes specific to the Gourmand Kit ingredients, we’re adding some every week!

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