Our Garlic Kit is for fans of flavor, aficionados of aromatics, supporters of the savory. Garlic is familiar yet bold; a must in so many dishes. Use your garlicky ingredients and tools to whip up something that lingers on the palate in just the right way. And when you invent something delicious, share it with us in our Facebook group or on Instagram with #culinariekit! Don’t have your Garlic Kit yet? Get it here.

Garlic Lover's Gift Box by Culinarie Kit

The Ingredients

Some ingredients are subject to change based on seasonal availability, and not all boxes contain every ingredient listed below. Do you have an older Garlic Kit or did you receive something not listed here? Check our Ingredient Master List for descriptions and tips of other items!

Oh My Garlic Sauce

Torchbearer Sauces are new to the Culinarie lineup, but we couldn’t be happier to have them on board! Their entire selection is filled with all natural ingredients and delicious taste. This zesty, garlicky sauce is a magic flavor enhancer. Use it on sandwiches, in sauces, or as the garlickiest garlic marinade ever.

Oh My Garlic Sauce Tips

  • Skip the mayo and slather this on your favorite sandwich or wrap.
  • This sauce is practically begging you to add it to a white chili recipe.
  • Make a garlicky brine for tofu, eggplant, or chicken by combining 6 cups water, 1/4 cup salt, and 1/4 cup of this sauce. Let tofu or eggplant brine for one hour, let chicken brine for six hours.

Seattle Garlic Seasoning Blend

Two Snooty Chefs is one of our favorite vendors, because every spice blend they make is fresh tasting and delicious. Their offerings are a collection of one-stop seasonings that will make the most boring meal stand out. For garlic lovers, this Seattle Garlic Seasoning really brings it home.

Seattle Garlic Seasoning Tips

  • Mashed potatoes. Pasta. Olive oil and bread. Carbs love this stuff.
  • Add to lighter proteins like tofu, seafood or chicken for a fresh but flavorful meal.
  • Roll into softened butter for a delicious compound butter that will knock your socks off.

Marie’s Garlic Pepper Hot Sauce

Marie’s is a generations-old, family run habanero hot sauce company based in Belize. Their hot sauces run the gamut from mild to warning label. This garlic pepper hot sauce is our own Chef Ellie’s favorite hot sauce, packed with flavor over heat.

Garlic Pepper Hot Sauce Tips

  • This hot sauce tastes like it was made for breakfast foods! Try it over home fries, biscuits and gravy, or scrambled eggs.
  • Every good jambalaya calls for a dose of hot sauce, and Marie’s garlic pepper sauce is absolutely perfect for the dish, bringing a significant amount of heat with the fresh habanero flavor.
  • Making chili, but don’t want to endanger your fingertips? Skip the super hot peppers and use a teaspoon of this sauce. You’ll still get that fresh-off-the-vine habanero flavor and kick without any the danger.

Organic Sazón

Sazón is a spice combo that’s a classic component of Latin American cooking. You’ve probably seen it in a corner market or in the International aisle at your grocery store in a little orange and yellow box. The problem is, most sazón is packed with artificial flavor enhancers. Loisa’s stuff, though? It’s all organic and all delicious. Use it liberally, you won’t regret it.

Sazón Tips

  • Sazón is the “everything” seasoning you’ve been looking for. Proteins? Rub it on. Veggies? A hearty sprinkle. Soups? Yep, go for it. Rice? Absolutely!
  • Use this organic sazón seasoning to make classic Central and South American dishes taste more authentic, from enchiladas to llapingachos.

Miner’s Mix XXX-Garlic Rub

This powerful garlic rub looks like you’d buy it at a cute flea market in a rural town famous for its apple pie! The Miner’s Mix company is actually from central California, and is family owned an operated. They focus on whole, real ingredients to create a line of delicious seasoning blends, and this XXX-Garlic Rub is one of their major standouts.

XXX-Garlic Rub Tips

  • As the name suggests, rub proteins with this spice mix to add a rich, garlicky flavor, whether you’re barbecuing, baking, or frying.
  • Air fried or baked chickpeas are a healthy snack that keeps getting more popular. After you pull yours out of the oven, dust them with the XXX-Garlic Rub to make an irresistible crunchy treat.
  • Soften a stick of butter (or 4oz of a vegan alternative), and manually work in 1 Tbsp of this rub. Refrigerate and use anywhere you’d use butter: pan frying, baking, or even sauteeing!

Ramp Salt

J.Q. Dickinson Works is a 7th generation, family owned salt company creating some of the finest artisan finish salts on the market, and one of the few domestically sourced gourmet salts. This particular salt is infused with fresh ramps, giving you their fresh, grassy onion flavor all year long.

Ramp Salt Tips

  • This is a finishing salt, so it’s best use is to top dishes for a textural crunch and a bright pop of fresh flavor. It pairs perfectly with foods that have delicate flavors like roasted radishes, riced cauliflower, or flaky fish.
  • Add to cubed watermelon for an unexpectedly delicious and refreshing snack.
  • Use a few crystals to transform warm brie into an epic delicacy, whether that brie is on a cracker, an apple slice, or a burger.

Culinarie Exclusive

Solajo Seasoning Blend

Chef Ellie’s Solajo Seasoning Blend packs a wallop of flavor with a touch of heat. You’ll never look at your old garlic pepper shaker the same after trying our signature version with two types of chiles, smoked black peppercorns, and a richer garlic note than you’d expect from a dry seasoning. A little sprinkle of this will add boldness to the simplest dish, but it really does its finest work on proteins.

Solajo Seasoning Blend Tips

  • Add a dash to scrambled eggs before cooking for a subtle kick
  • Solajo + a dash of salt are all you need to season tofu, shrimp, chicken, or pork for the grill
  • Don’t toss that stale bread! Dice it up, toss with olive oil and Solajo, and bake at 375°F until browned for delicious homemade croutons

Solajo Seasoning Blend Recipes

BBQ Sausage & Roasted Greens Salad [Culinarie Kit]

Two Step Scallops [Culinarie Kit – recipe coming soon]

As always, every Culinarie Kit is packaged to be as useful as possible–and friendly to the environment! It’s why we pad your ingredients and toys in a reusable and durable cotton flour sack towel. These towels can be hand or machine washed and are great as a baking weight, a substitute for cheesecloth, or just to clean up spills around the kitchen.

Remember, your Culinarie Kit boxes and all packing materials are either 100% recycled or reused from vendor shipments. Please continue the trend and reuse or recycle your boxes!

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