Our Garlic Kit is for fans of flavor, aficionados of aromatics, supporters of the savory. Garlic is familiar yet bold; a must in so many dishes. Use your garlicky ingredients and tools to whip up something that lingers on the palate in just the right way. And when you invent something delicious, share it with us in our Facebook group or on Instagram with #culinariekit! Don’t have your Garlic Kit yet? Get it here.

Garlic Lover's Gift Box by Culinarie Kit

The Ingredients

Some ingredients are subject to change based on seasonal availability.

Rio Original Seasoning

The Rio Seasoning Company hails from the American Northwest, but their recipe’s lineage traces right back to Brazil. This original blend is a garlic-heavy all purpose seasoning, adding a delectable touch to all savory foods from vegetables to meat to starches. Rio’s Original Seasoning Blend is remarkably versatile and potent.

Rio Seasoning Tips

  • Add a tablespoon to the slow cooker to brighten up flavors in a roast
  • Throw a few dashes into a batch of smashed potatoes for a flavorful experience
  • Sprinkle in your rice cooker for an authentic South American flavor

Rio Seasoning Recipes

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Herb & Garlic Cauliflower Cake [Culinarie Kit]

Maple Sausage & Sweet Potato Hash [Culinarie Kit – recipe coming soon]

Sweet and Savory French Toast [Culinarie Kit – recipe coming soon]

Seco de Pescado [Culinarie Kit – recipe coming soon]

Black Garlic

Black Garlic is the hot new commodity on the culinary scene, fermented from whole heads of fresh garlic. You can’t turn on a cooking show without seeing its bizarre, tar black cloves taking center stage. Black garlic has the bulb’s signature pungent flavor, but is much sweeter than raw or even roasted garlic. The fermentation process brings out a nuttiness that is difficult to describe. Cooking with black garlic is fun, but you may even want to taste a little bite of a clove by itself! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the spectrum of flavor in this black-as-night ingredient.

Black Garlic Tips

  • Blend a clove into any sauce or salad dressing for an earthy flavor note
  • Smear a whole clove on a toasted bun or bread when serving a sandwich
  • Smash into a fresh dip like hummus for more layers to your snacking

Black Garlic Recipes

Black Garlic & Roasted Brussels Sprout Dip [Culinarie Kit]

Mini Wonton Cheese Sticks & Black Garlic Sriracha Mayo [Culinarie Kit]

Basil Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We found ourselves drooling over this Basil Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Sparrow Lane. Sparrow Lane is known for their artisan vinegars, but this infused olive oil is no joke. It’s an unbelievably aromatic finishing oil perfect for Italian dishes, salad dressings, bread dip, or just about anything else!

Basil Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tips

  • Don’t just use this as a cooking oil; this basil garlic oil shines brightest in fresh, cool dishes like pasta salads or as a vinaigrette
  • Drizzle a few drops on a just-baked pizza crust just before serving
  • Go crazy for Caprese! This oil is the perfect drizzle for the classic basil, mozzarella and tomato dish

Basil Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Recipes

BBQ Sausage & Roasted Greens Salad [Culinarie Kit]

Garlic Chicken with Rice [Sparrow Lane]

Garlicky Green Stuffed Mushrooms [Sparrow Lane]

Rib-Eye Steaks with Balsamic Reduction [Sparrow Lane]

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt

Salt is a magnifying glass for other flavors in a dish, and this Roasted Garlic Sea Salt has no qualms about accenting savory tastes! Much like the Basil Garlic Oil from Sparrow Lane, this ingredient is most useful as a finisher. It can be cooked with, but sprinkling on top of a completed dish creates a whole new realm of flavor.

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt Tips

  • Use with freshly ground black pepper on fried eggs to see a whole new world of breakfast possibilities
  • Sprinkle over a resting cut of meat before serving
  • Whisk a pinch into greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or cream cheese to make your dairies stand out

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt Recipes

Recipes Coming Soon

Rally Fries Seasoning

You may have noticed that Two Snooty Chefs is one of our favorite vendors here at Culinarie. Their herb and seasoning blends capture so much flavor in one little tin, and the Garlic Kit’s Rally Fries Seasoning is no exception! Garlic and gloriously green herbs make this a go-to herb blend when cooking.

Rally Fries Seasoning Tips

  • Use Rally Fries Seasoning liberally on starchy dishes like potatoes, plantains, or pasta
  • Stir into bland soups to make them stand out
  • Sprinkle across cheesy garlic bread for a little more oomph in your appetizer

Rally Fries Seasoning Recipes

Baked Parmesan Garlic Potato Chips [Culinarie Kit]
Plantain Hash [Culinarie Kit – recipe coming soon]

Culinarie Exclusive

Solajo Seasoning Blend

Chef Ellie’s Solajo Seasoning Blend packs a wallop of flavor with a touch of heat. You’ll never look at your old garlic pepper shaker the same after trying our signature version with two types of chiles, smoked black peppercorns, and a richer garlic note than you’d expect from a dry seasoning. A little sprinkle of this will embolden the simplest dish, but it really does its finest work on proteins.

Solajo Seasoning Blend Tips

  • Add a dash to scrambled eggs before cooking for a subtle kick
  • One-Two + a dash of salt are all you need to season tofu, shrimp, chicken, or pork for the grill
  • Don’t toss that stale bread! Dice it up, toss with olive oil and One-Two, and bake at 375°F until browned for delicious homemade croutons

Solajo Seasoning Blend Recipes

BBQ Sausage & Roasted Greens Salad [Culinarie Kit]

Two Step Scallops [Culinarie Kit – recipe coming soon]

The Toys

This ingenious little Garlic Peeling Tube helps take the struggle out of peeling. Pop a clove in and roll against a counter or cutting board–the papery skin just falls right off. We all have our own kitchen tricks, especially when it comes to tedious tasks like peeling garlic. There’s the classic knife side smash that is quite efficient, but did you know smashing garlic will subtly change the flavor?

It’s not a pet rock, it’s Chef Soap: magic made of stainless steel. Rinse your hands with water and rub this little treasure to rid your skin of lingering smells from particularly aromatic food. Nobody wants to smell like garlic all day! Okay, well, we might

aromatic grating spoon from Culinarie Kit cooking gift boxThis stainless steel spoon is more than meets the eye–it’s an aromatic grater! Use on garlic or ginger to smash and shred them throughout a dish for even flavor distribution. This spoon is dishwasher safe, too!

Subscribers will receive chef soap or the aromatic grating spoon.

As always, every Culinarie Kit is packaged to be as useful as possible–and friendly to the environment! It’s why we pad your ingredients and toys in a reusable and durable cotton flour sack towel. These towels can be hand or machine washed and are great as a baking weight, a substitute for cheesecloth, or just to clean up spills around the kitchen.

Remember, your Culinarie Kit boxes and all packing materials are either 100% recycled or reused from vendor shipments. Please continue the trend and reuse or recycle your boxes!

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