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Everyone loves the rich, smoky flavors of cooking over an open flame, no matter the season! The ingredients in your Campfire Kit were hand-picked to enhance your outdoor cooking experience and remind you of summery flavors in your kitchen even when you can’t fire up the grill. Use #culinariekit to share your creations with us, or join our Facebook group to show us what you’ve cooked up!

Culinarie Kit Campfire Kit cooking and grilling gift box set

The Ingredients

Please note: your box will not contain all of the items below, it will contain at least seven of the following ingredients. Ingredients change seasonally and based on availability from producers, but we leave out-of-season ingredients on this list for past Culinarie cooks to reference!

Smoked Olive Oil

Holy Smoke Olive Oil is the brainchild of two former restaurant coworkers. Their cold smoking process preserves the integrity of extra virgin olive oil while adding a bold smoky flavor and a peppery finish. As their motto says, “It’s like liquid bacon that’s good for you!”

Smoked Olive Oil Tips

  • Use as a finishing oil by drizzling on grilled steak or roasted veggies.
  • Use in place of regular olive oil when making aioli for a special smoky spread.
  • Add a few dashes to hummus, babaganoush or other dips to create more layers of flavor.

Smoked Sea Salt

 Smoked Sea Salt can be used as a finishing salt, but also makes a great all-purpose seasoning. We definitely suggest that you taste this salt on its own before cooking with it–it’s a poweful flavor!

Smoked Sea Salt Tips

  • Smoked salt is most potent as an afterthought. Garnish protein dishes just before serving to make the flavor really pop.
  • If you’re looking for a hint of rich smokiness in a lighter dish, dissolve some of this salt into balsamic vinegar before using it as a marinade or dressing.
  • Use in place of an all-purpose seasoning for veggies & proteins that have a strong flavor. It will add just the right touch of seasoning while letting the taste of your baby broccoli, sweet corn, or lentils shine through.

Hickory Liquid Smoke

Surely you’ve used liquid smoke in a recipe, but not all liquid smokes are equal! This hickory liquid smoke from Lazy Kettle is bold and smoky without the unpleasant artificial flavors more common store brands have.

Hickory Liquid Smoke Tips

  • After pressing tofu, marinate with this liquid smoke and a little kosher salt for a meaty treat. Tastes great raw, baked, or pan fried.
  • If you’re a meat eater, don’t be shy of adding a few drops to a marinade or roast to get that smoke flavor without the stress.
  • Use a couple dashes in a hearty stew, gravy, or red sauce to add body and flavor.
  • A little goes a long way! Add a few drops at a time, taste, and repeat until the desired smokiness is reached.

Liquid Smoke Recipes

Vegan Tofu Bacon BLT [The Buddhist Chef]

Barbecue Tempeh Ribs [The Nut Free Vegan]

Vegan Barbecue Meatballs [Holy Cow Vegan]

Vegan Rice Paper Bacon [Spabettie]

Southern Style Black Eyed Peas [The Wanderlust Kitchen]

Chipotle Mustard

This high quality mustard is blended with chipotle chiles and other spices to add a smokey and delicious acid component to a sandwich, dressing, potato salad, or anywhere else you would use regular old mustard.

Chipotle Mustard Tips

  • Mustard is a fantastic emuslifier. Whether you’re making a salad dressing, hollandaise, or any other emulsified sauce, a little dash of this spicy mustard goes a long way to stabilize your sauce and add some heat.

Black Bear Seasoning Blend

Green Point Trading Company was founded in 2011 by a culinary couple and is based out of Brooklyn, NY. All of their spice and seasoning blends are preservative and additive free! Black Bear is their quintessential camping spice. This little jar will build flavor on anything cooked over an open flame, whether it’s beans, meat, or veggie skewers.

Black Bear Seasoning Blend Tips

  • Camping with a can of beans? Stir in a few dashes of Black Bear to add some much-needed flavor complexity.
  • If you fancy yourself a fisherman (or fisherwoman), this spice blend makes an excellent lake fish rub.
  • Sprinkle generously into tinfoil veggie packets and toss on the edge of a campfire for a rare nutritious treat while camping.

Brooklyn Delhi Curry Ketchup

Our head chef hails from Chicago, so she’s no fan of ketchup. So this concoction appearing in one of our kits is somewhat of a miracle–and a guarantee that it meets her grueling standards.

Curry Ketchup Tips

  • Sub this for half the tomato paste in your favorite barbecue sauce recipe–and don’t forget to dial back the sugar a touch.
  • Mix with a fresh egg mayonnaise for the most decadent Russian dressing you’ve ever tasted.
  • Of course, slather it on your favorite grilled sandwich! Just don’t tell our chef.

Culinarie Exclusive

Heckdust Seasoning Blend

Smelly’s Brunch seasoning blends are created by Culinarie’s own Executive Chef Ellie (aka “Smelly”). The Heckdust Seasoning Blend is her spicy masterpiece, mixing ancho and aleppo chiles with smoked paprika and toasted onion. It’s got just enough heat to make you notice (hot as heck, not hot as hell!) with savory notes that will amp up the blandest dish.

Heckdust Seasoning Blend Tips

  • Add a dash to a batch of chili for a more interesting heat than your classic cayenne pepper.
  • A light sprinkle will take a pair of overeasy eggs to the next level.
  • Toss with roasted brussel sprouts or kale for a healthy and delicious snack.

The Toys

Basting Brush - Culinarie KitSometimes the simplest tool is the one we don’t have on hand when we need it. This silicone basting brush is great for keeping your meats moist and your veggies buttery.

Don’t toss that cloth that your ingredients came wrapped in! It’s flour sack towel and every kitchen needs one…or twenty. They’re huge, they’re absorbent, and they’ve been used in professional and home kitchens for ages because they’re so versatile. You can use this towel to clean, or use it to cover dough while it rests. You can even use it as a substitute for cheesecloth in a pinch–it’s great for wringing moisture out of vegetables. Best of all, they’re durable and can be washed by hand or in a machine.

All Culinarie Kit packaging is 100% recycled or reused from our vendors’ shipments! Please continue the trend and reuse or recycle your Culinarie Kit box to help save the planet.

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