Black Lives Matter.

A letter from Chef Ellie:

One of the things I love most about cooking is the cultural melting pot of the professional kitchen. Working alongside all genders, ethnicities, and age groups to put out delectable plates of food for a dining audience is an adrenaline rush, a serotonin release, and an experience of togetherness that is rivaled by little else. It’s rare to find oneself in this profession without regularly stepping out of your comfort zone, learning more about your coworkers’ heritage and personal history, and becoming a more well-rounded person. As a white person, I am, of course, writing this from a position of privilege.

I cannot begin to fathom my fellow line cooks of the past being at risk every day, every second of their lives, simply for existing while being Black. I cannot begin to imagine what it is like to fear your drive to work, what it is like to be the last person in the building locking up after all of the white bodies have gone home. I cannot begin to understand the gravity of worrying an entire shift that your daughter, brother, girlfriend, parents, spouse, or best friend may not be safe at any given moment while you are blazing through a Friday fish fry.

And because I can’t understand, and because I don’t have the resources to aid the efforts of our Black communities firsthand, and because one more white voice is cluttering the field of POC voices screaming to be heard, I will put money where my mouth is.

For the month of June, $3 from every Culinarie Kit box sold will go to support causes that aid the Black Lives Matter movement and mission:

$1 to the Justice for David McAtee Fund, for a beloved Louisville chef who was murdered by police this week.

$1 to The Bail Project, a non-profit aiming to disrupt mass incarceration via nullifying the class-oriented bail system.

$1 to Gideon’s Army, an organization in our own city of Nashville that works with youth to disrupt the school to prison pipeline and combat class and racial inequality, and also did incredible work helping various communities after the city of Nashville virtually ignored our North side during the aftermath and cleanup of the F4 tornado that ripped through our town just months ago.

And yes, we are counting renewals — if you’re a current subscriber, the box you receive in June will contribute to this donation. Please consider also donating directly to these organizations using the links above.

Stay vigilant, stay informed, and stay safe out there. Black lives matter.