Will Gorin: May Music Box Guest Chef #4

May’s Culinarie Kit will be filled with interesting, delectable ingredients like usual, but will also carry the songs of spring! All of the recipes in this month’s box will be written by Guest Chefs who are foodie musicians. In this mini blog series, you’ll get to know each of them a little better. Sign up for May’s Culinarie Kit here.

Will Gorin is the drummer for Slothrust, an indie rock band with some interesting melodic twists and fascinatingly full instrumentation for a three-piece outfit. Will managed to take some time out of their busy touring schedule to peruse one of our advance Guest Chef boxes and help create a recipe for May’s Culinarie Kit.

Culinarie Kit: What inspired your love for cooking?
Will Gorin: Definitely my love of eating. When I eat something truly delicious I want to have the ability to recreate it at home so I can always have it.

CK: Do you have any professional cooking experience?
WG: Not really in cooking, but i’ve worked in several restaurants as a waiter and am no stranger to the kitchen.

CK: What’s your favorite music to listen to when you’re in the kitchen?
WG: Jazz, I listen to this Art Blakey and the Jazz messengers live at Cafe Bohemia album a lot when I really go for it.

CK: What’s the best meal you’ve had on tour? The worst?
WG: Best: Franklins BBQ [Austin, TX], Worst: Pizza Hut.

CK: If you could cook dinner for anyone, who would it be?
WG: Aziz Anzari, and I’d make my spaghetti alla carbornara.

Checkout Slothrust’s video for “Sleep Eater” below. Want to get Will’s recipe along with a box of unique, artisan ingredients? Use coupon code WILL to reserve your Culinarie Kit before 5/12/17, receive the May Music Box, and save $5!

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