Chandon Vicarious: May Music Box Guest Chef #3

May’s Culinarie Kit will be filled with interesting, delectable ingredients like usual, but will also carry the songs of spring! All of the recipes in this month’s box will be written by Guest Chefs who are foodie musicians. In this mini blog series, you’ll get to know each of them a little better. Sign up for May’s Culinarie Kit here.


Much like our last guest chef, Chandon Vicarious loves to keep himself busy. And we mean busy. The guitarist, singer, and songwriter fronts three rock bands: 4 Aspirin Morning (video below), Not Dead Yet, and Dividing Line. Somehow he still finds time for a dozen other creative projects as well as cooking gourmet food on the daily. He’s a fan of the Ketogenic diet, so you can bet that his contribution will be a low carb recipe full of nutrients–as well as frikkin’ delicious.


Without further ado, Chandon in his own words:


Culinarie Kit: What inspired your love for cooking?
Chandon Vicarious:
My parents got me into cooking since before I could see over a stove, so I’ve always had a good amount of staple dishes. A few years of being single and living alone in my early 20s gave me a lot of time to hone my skills and try new/creative/poverty inspired things. Now, I’m constantly experimenting and (usually) delighting people with regular homecooked dinners.


CK: Do you have any professional cooking experience?
NO. I do it all for the LOOOOOOVE.


CK: What’s your favorite music to listen to when you’re in the kitchen?
If it’s a big project that involves a lot of prep, The Aggrolites. They’ve got so many spicy tracks that whatever I make is sure to turn out good. Otherwise, 90s gangsta rap, punk rock, or Frank Turner.


CK: What’s the worst meal you’ve had on tour? 
CV: Hands down, White Castle in Detroit. Man, that was the saddest pair of dime-sized burger patties paired with the soggiest, mushiest onion rings that I’d ever put in my body. I had never eaten White Castle before, but at 3:30 AM, it was the only thing open. Never again.


CK: If you could have anyone cater your next tour, who would it be?

CV: Not White Castle.


CK: If you could cook dinner for anyone, who would it be?
If it was up to me, no money requirements and unlimited time constraints, I would cook dinner for EVERYONE. We should all have the gift of great food at least once in our lives.


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